Nephosa Lashes® - Eyelash Lift Kit

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N ° 1 in sales in the United States!

Now available in Europe and Canada!

Wouldn't it be practical to get up every morning and already have perfectly curled eyelashes without losing 10 to 20 minutes daily to maintain them? The Professional Nephosa Lashes kit is THE solution!

A meteoric success in the United States, thousands of women have already adopted this revolutionary solution, avoiding the daily use of eyelash curlers or extensions, while obtaining a breathtaking result for a period ranging from 6 to 8 weeks!

Having perfect lashes has never been easier!

Why such a success ?

  • A professional kit intended for the general public: Perfect for beginners as well as initiates! Extremely easy to use, you will have no trouble applying the lotions safely yourself by following the instructions.
  • Healthy eyelashes: In addition to curling your eyelashes, the kit is composed of different lotions allowing you to keep eyelashes flexible, strong and healthy.
  • No maintenance: No maintenance is necessary with this kit. Once the lotions are applied, let the magic do its job while you live life to the fullest.

  • Products Certified according to European and American standards (FDA and CE approved) for safe use.

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Contents of the kit


1 application lasts 2 months

1 Kit contains the equivalent of 18 to 20 uses

Take advantage of 2 years of false eyelash and extension savings with only 1 kit

⭐ 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back ⭐

1 Cleansing lotion: reusable 20 times

1 Fixing Lotion: reusable 20 times

1 sticky lotion: reusable 20 times

1 Nourishing lotion: reusable 20 times

1 package: Silicone pads: 10 times medium and 10 times large, reusable

1 package: Glue for silicone pads: reusable 20 times


Very easy to use yourself, let yourself be guided by our video tutorial


Frequently asked questions from our clients:

Once the eyelash enhancer has been applied, is it possible to apply mascara?

- Absolutely! The curved effect of your eyelashes will bring out even more breathtaking results if you want to apply makeup.

Can I apply it myself?

- Yes ! We have made sure that this kit can be used alone, whether you are a beginner or an initiate. You will find on our page: Kit user guide all the necessary instructions as well as a video tutorial to guide you step by step in the application of the perm.

Do these products cause allergic reactions?

No ! We only use products approved in the laboratory for their quality and safety in use.

What is the composition of your products?

You will find all the information concerning the composition of our products on our page: Composition of the kit

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form


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