What are the delivery times?

  • Our packages are delivered in 10-14 business days to worldwide. However, there may be some delays during periods of high demand.

    Do you deliver all over Europe?

    • Yes we deliver all over Europe without exception.

      How do I choose the pad size that matches my eyelids?

      • Before starting the perm, try several sizes on your eyelids, so that the bottom of the pad touches the base of your lashes. If the pad overlaps your brow bone, the pad is too large. Keep trying to find the one that looks most natural to you, without bothering you. If several sizes suit you you can choose the curvature you want. Depending on the sizes used, your eyelashes will be more or less curved than others.

      Once the eyelash enhancer has been applied, is it possible to apply mascara?

      • Absolutely! The curved effect of your lashes will bring out even more stunning results. However we do not recommend the use of mascara in the first 24 hours after applying the perm.

      Can I do a colouring and when can I apply it?

      • We recommend applying the colour 48 hours before or 48 hours after applying the perm.

        What are the steps to take after applying the perm?

        • We recommend not using water on your eyelashes or applying mascara for the first 24 hours after application.
        • It is also best not to sleep on your stomach for the first 24 hours. The friction of your eyelashes on the cushion could have a negative effect on the hold of the product and create frizz.

          Can I apply it myself?

          • Yes ! We have made sure that this kit can be used alone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user. You will find on our page: Kit user guide all the necessary instructions as well as a video tutorial to guide you step by step in the application of the different lotions.

          What is the composition of your products?

          • You will find all the information concerning the composition of our products on our page: Composition of the kit.

          The glue does not work on my eyelids / pads:

          • We suggest that you follow the various steps in the user guide.
          • Several factors such as heat and humidity can have a negative impact on the adhesive. We recommend that you apply it only in a dry place and not too hot.
          • It is also possible in rare cases that the glue may have a defect. To find out, put a little glue on the top of your hand. Wait 6 seconds then touch the sticky surface with your finger, try again 4 seconds later, then 4 seconds later. The glue should work and stick more and more with each touch. If after this test you find that the glue still does not work, please contact us directly via our contact form.